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Misting Direct installed this outdoor cooling system at a farmers market. The system is essential to keeping the customers cool and for preventing the fruit from ripening too fast.

Mist Cooling Systems at Brother’s Farmers Market by Misting Direct

Misting Direct installed this high pressure misting system at Brother’s Farmers Market in Dania, Florida. Before we installed the system the market was extremely hot inside due to the heat load of the refrigeration equipment and a dark green awning. Our system has made a huge difference for both the customers and the produce. The industrial duty Misting Direct brand Misting Pump will provide many years of reliable service out top of the line Ruby Misting Nozzles create an ultra-fine mist that evaporates without getting anything wet. When the water evaporates, heat energy from the air is absorbed cooling off the area.

We are experts in designing outdoor cooling systems for various and custom applications, so contact the professionals at Misting Direct today.

Aviary misting and cooling system by MistingDirect.com

Misting Direct installed a high pressure aviary cooling system for a customer in south Florida about a year ago. Since that time the owner has built an additional aviary and needed to expand the system. Misting Direct brand high pressure mist cooling systems are an excellent choice for cooling birds because the 100% of the mist evaporates without wetting the birds, the feed or the cages! The high pressure mist evaporates and the air temperature decreases the water changes states. Misting Direct can help you design a professional misting system to cool any aviary, zoo, animal cages, kennels etc.

High pressure mist can be seen in this photo.

Misting Direct brand aviary misting system seen from a distance.

Visible high pressure mist at a south Florida aviary

Another view of this aviary

Misting Direct aviary cooling system

This high pressure misting system by Misting Direct cools the air without wetting anything.

Misting Direct misting pump and filters.

Misting Direct designed and installed this outdoor cooling system to cool birds.

A high pressure outdoor cooling system by Misting Direct

High pressure misting system with Misting Direct brand equipment.

Misting system with stainless steel mist tubing.

All of our high pressure compression misting fittings can be used with our type 316 stainless steel mist tubing. This tubing can be covered with stucco, act as a permanent feed line or left exposed for a designer look. We have both 1/4″ and 3/8″ stainless steel tubing for use an any high pressure misting system. With the use of a tubing bender our stainless mist line can be bent on-site. When this tubing is used with our double ferrule compression fittings a reliable, permanent connection is made. It is essential when installing misting tubing that will be embedded in stucco or installed in an inaccessible space to pressure test and leak check the entire misting system before covering.

A misting nozzle can be installed anywhere desired by cutting the mist tubing with a tubing cutter and installing an inline nozzle adapter. With our compression misting fittings including tees, elbows and couplings our stainless steel mist tubing can be installed in any configuration and can be used for many different applications.

Our staff has installed miles of stainless steel mist tubing and we will be happy to answer any questions about installing stainless steel mist tubing. We will even help you design a high pressure misting system for free. Call Now! http://mistingdirect.com/info.html