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This photo shows some customers keeping cool under out misting system while enjoying their meal. This system was installed at The Catalina Hotel and Beach Club in South Beach.

Maxine’s Bistro at The Catalina Hotel and Beach Club from the television show “The Catalina”

Misting Direct designed, manufactured and installed this high pressure misting system at The Catalina Hotel and Beach Club from the television show “Hotel Catalina” This system cools customers and attracts new customers that are walking by. Outdoor Cooling Systems provide a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for customers, even on the hottest days of the year. For a restaurant, Misting Direct brand high pressure misting systems can pay for itself very quickly because more customers will be willing to sit outside in hot weather.

Misting Direct’s high pressure misting pumps are commercial grade and have been designed to provide many years of reliable service even under strenuous conditions. Our Ruby Misting Nozzles produce an ultra-fine mist that evaporated and cools the air without getting anything wet. Ruby nozzle have a built in anti-drip valve preventing drips after the system shuts off.

Misting Direct has manufactured, designed and installed hundreds of outdoor cooling systems for homes, restaurants, hotels, resorts and for numerous custom applications. Our knowledgeable staff can help you design a system for that will meet your needs so contact us now.