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This misting system has a total of four automated zones.  Having several zones allows more control of the system especially when used with home automation systems.

Custom home in Bal Harbour with a Misting Direct brand outdoor cooling system

This photo shows a custom home with a Misting Direct brand high pressure misting system in Bal Harbor Florida. The system was installed during the construction for seamless integration into the structure.

This photo shows a custom home with a Misting Direct brand high pressure misting system in Bal Harbor Florida. The system was installed during the construction process for seamless integration into the structure.

This post is about a high pressure misting system at a custom home in Bal Harbour, Florida. This system has three zones with high pressure solenoid valves that are controlled by an automation system. The mist line along the shade structure is made of copper tubing to blend in with the structure. Mist tubing was also installed under the marble pool coping with fogging nozzles aimed at the pool. Landscaping mist stakes were installed in the landscaping to create fog effects and cool more of the yard.

We worked closely with the builder, architect and home owner to incorporate this system into the home during construction. Misting Direct has extensive experience in designing and installing high pressure misting system at existing homes as well as homes that are under construction. We have also manufactured designed and installed misting systems in numerous resorts, hotels, restaurants, factories, warehouses greenhouses and more. So contact us for more information of for a free quote.

Misting Direct installed this outdoor cooling system at a farmers market. The system is essential to keeping the customers cool and for preventing the fruit from ripening too fast.

Mist Cooling Systems at Brother’s Farmers Market by Misting Direct

Misting Direct installed this high pressure misting system at Brother’s Farmers Market in Dania, Florida. Before we installed the system the market was extremely hot inside due to the heat load of the refrigeration equipment and a dark green awning. Our system has made a huge difference for both the customers and the produce. The industrial duty Misting Direct brand Misting Pump will provide many years of reliable service out top of the line Ruby Misting Nozzles create an ultra-fine mist that evaporates without getting anything wet. When the water evaporates, heat energy from the air is absorbed cooling off the area.

We are experts in designing outdoor cooling systems for various and custom applications, so contact the professionals at Misting Direct today.

Mist Fans or Mist Line? That is the question.

DIY high pressure misting kit for LESS.

When choosing a mist system, one has to decide whether to use mist fans, mist line or a combination of the two.

Our high pressure mist cooling fans evaporate 100% of the mist and circulates the air to provide maximum cooling. It is not uncommon to see temperature drops of 16-25 degrees! Mist cooling fans are the most effective way to cool an area!

If electrical outlets for the fan are not nearby or if you would prefer not to see a mist cooling fan than mist line or misting stakes are for you.

Mist line is usually installed along the outside perimeter of covered patios, awnings, gazebos etc. A high pressure mist cooling system evaporates the tiny water droplets in the air cooling the air without getting anything wet. This causes a curtain of cool air surrounding you.

No structure, no problem. High pressure mist cooling/fog effects stakes can be hidden in landscaped areas. When a perimeter oh high pressure mist is created around an area, no matter which way the wind blows, the cool air will move through the target area. When there is no wind the air will mix and still cool the target area.

Feel free to contact us with questions if you are designing a high pressure misting system.