Misting Direct brand Marine Misting Kits are now available.

Misting Direct’s new high pressure marine misting kits are now available. Our marine misting systems are powered by our new 12 vdc high pressure misting pumps. Our marine misting systems are now being installed on Mangusta super-yachts. We can help you design a custom system that will meet your needs, or choose one of our complete marine misting kits that are perfect for cooling any boat or yacht. Don’t be fooled by low pressure boat misters that are on the market. These systems waste water and don’t provide enough evaporation to effectively cool the area. All Misting Direct brand misting pumps are designed to operate at 1000 psi for an extremely fine mist and maximum cooling.marine misting system
boat misting kit

Misting Direct installed an Outdoor Cooling System at Waxy O’Connor’s Irish Pub In Ft. Lauderdale

Waxy O'Connors Irish Pub selected a Misting Direct brand Outdoor Cooling System.

Waxy O’Connor’s Irish Pub selected Misting Direct to design and install a professional high pressure misting system for their outdoor dining area. The dining area gets especially hot due to the dark green canvas awning that absorbs heat from the sun and radiates it down into the dining area. We were able to design the system to take advantage of the prevailing winds in the area to cool the entire dining area as well as the front entrance. Another advantage of this type of high pressure misting system installation is that the mist can be seen from 17th Street Causeway and draws attention to the restaurant and attracts customers. For more information about Misting Direct brand Outdoor Cooling Systems visit MistingDirect.com

This photo of a Misting Direct brand high pressure misting system in action.

Aviary misting and cooling system by MistingDirect.com

Misting Direct installed a high pressure aviary cooling system for a customer in south Florida about a year ago. Since that time the owner has built an additional aviary and needed to expand the system. Misting Direct brand high pressure mist cooling systems are an excellent choice for cooling birds because the 100% of the mist evaporates without wetting the birds, the feed or the cages! The high pressure mist evaporates and the air temperature decreases the water changes states. Misting Direct can help you design a professional misting system to cool any aviary, zoo, animal cages, kennels etc.

High pressure mist can be seen in this photo.

Misting Direct brand aviary misting system seen from a distance.

Visible high pressure mist at a south Florida aviary

Another view of this aviary

Misting Direct aviary cooling system

This high pressure misting system by Misting Direct cools the air without wetting anything.

Misting Direct misting pump and filters.

Misting Direct designed and installed this outdoor cooling system to cool birds.

A high pressure outdoor cooling system by Misting Direct

High pressure misting system with Misting Direct brand equipment.

Fog effects with a Misting Direct brand high pressure misting system.

Misting Direct installed this high pressure outdoor cooling system with fog effects in the south Florida area. This high pressure misting system has 14 zones controlled by a home automation system. All of the mist tubing has been concealed in the structures.

Stainless steel mist tubing was embedded directly into the stucco, concrete rocks, waterfall and the mortar bed of the coping tile for a seamless look. This system was designed and installed by Misting Direct and only Misting Direct brand equipment was used. To feed each zone, high pressure nylon tubing in PVC pipe form the pump the each zone.
The misting pump selected for this job was a 2 gallon per minute industrial duty pump to provide a great deal of fog for the pool area of this private residence. All nozzles used were our top of the line Ruby misting nozzles. All connections were made with Misting Direct brand high pressure compression fittings, the most reliable in the industry. Our dual filtration system was used on this project to help prevent clogged nozzles.

In order to control the 14 misting/fogging zones on this project, Misting Direct built 2 custom valve boxes with high pressure solenoid valves. Our staff can assist you in designing systems with controllable zones. These zones can be controlled by remote control or from a number of access points throughout the property. If desired, however, manual shut off valves can be used to control zones for a much lower cost.

Misting Direct and Outdoor Cooling Systems can help you design a professional high pressure misting system for any outdoor area and we also provide free technical support to all of our customers. Feel free to contact us with any misting system related questions, even if you are not currently using our systems.

Misting Fans at the Miami Children’s Museum installed by Misting Direct

Misting Direct was selected to install a high pressure misting fan system at the Miami Children’s Museum. The misting fans are used to cool an outdoor playground at the museum that can get very hot when the misting fans are not running. To see more photos and videos of our misting system installations visit Outdoor Cooling Systems or MistingDirect.com

Misting Direct manufactures a complete line of high pressure misting equipment such as high pressure misting pumps, misting fans, misting nozzles, high pressure mist tubing, stainless steel tubing, compression fittings, push connect fittings, water filters and everything you will need to install a profession high pressure misting system. We can even help you design your system and provide free technical support. Feel free to post any questions you may have.

Misting system with stainless steel mist tubing.

All of our high pressure compression misting fittings can be used with our type 316 stainless steel mist tubing. This tubing can be covered with stucco, act as a permanent feed line or left exposed for a designer look. We have both 1/4″ and 3/8″ stainless steel tubing for use an any high pressure misting system. With the use of a tubing bender our stainless mist line can be bent on-site. When this tubing is used with our double ferrule compression fittings a reliable, permanent connection is made. It is essential when installing misting tubing that will be embedded in stucco or installed in an inaccessible space to pressure test and leak check the entire misting system before covering.

A misting nozzle can be installed anywhere desired by cutting the mist tubing with a tubing cutter and installing an inline nozzle adapter. With our compression misting fittings including tees, elbows and couplings our stainless steel mist tubing can be installed in any configuration and can be used for many different applications.

Our staff has installed miles of stainless steel mist tubing and we will be happy to answer any questions about installing stainless steel mist tubing. We will even help you design a high pressure misting system for free. Call Now! http://mistingdirect.com/info.html

New portable high pressure outdoor cooling system is available!

Our new portable outdoor cooling system is the most compact and easy to use high pressure misting system available. Simply connect a garden hose, plug it in and you have a complete high pressure mist cooling system with a 3-speed, high velocity mist fan. This unit can be used for heat remediation, to cool parties and outdoor events and even for spot cooling in warehouses and on job sites. A built in 1 micron filter keeps the nozzles from clogging and makes set up a snap. This is a true 1000 psi max high pressure mist cooling system and comes with a 404 stainless steel pump housing. This pump can run up to 3 additional outdoor cooling misting fans.

New portable high pressure outdoor cooling system is available! » Portable High Pressure Mist Cooling System

Portable High Pressure Mist Cooling System

Portable High Pressure Mist Cooling System
Portable High Pressure Mist Cooling System

Outdoor Cooling Systems

Our new high pressure mist cooling pump now comes in a 404 stainless steel enclosure! The 404 stainless steel enclosure will protect your pump for many years to come.

This .25 gallon per minute, 1000 PSI misting pump is the most efficient high pressure misting pump on the market drawing only 1.4 Amps at full load! It is also whisper quiet and built to last.

New! Misting Ruby Nozzles.

Check out our new stainless steel mist cooling nozzles w/ real ruby orifices. Ruby doesn’t wear down from the friction of the high pressure water so these nozzles may be the last nozzles you ever buy. The nozzles come with a built in anti-drip vavle and a removable turbine. All of the ruby nozzles can be easily disassembled and completely cleaned!

The ruby nozzles produce the nicest cone of mist that we have seen.

One of the problems with high pressure misting systems is that the orifice of the misting nozzles is so small that over time they can become clogged. Our ruby misting nozzles can be easily taken apart and cleaned. Our ruby misting nozzles can be used with any high pressure misting system with that uses mist nozzles with 10/24 thread.

Aeroponic Farming

DIY Aeroponic 1000 PSI Kit

We have designed the first truly high pressure commercial duty aeroponics pump. This system actually contains two pumps, a high pressure triplex plunger pump with a continuous duty motor and a low pressure filtration pump. This system is capable of drawing nutrient solution from a reservoir and pressurizing it to up to 1000 PSI at a maximum of one gallon per minute. A built in adjustable pressure regulator allows the pressure to be set anywhere from 60 PSI to 1000 PSI. Comes complete with triple stage low surface area filtration and versatile timer that we have designed exclusively for the aeroponics industry.

When creating mist at high pressures the nutrient solution is atomized into extremely tiny droplets, this allows for maximum oxygen absorption and delivery to the roots.

Buy aeroponic system at www.MistingDirect.com

Mist Fans or Mist Line? That is the question.

DIY high pressure misting kit for LESS.

When choosing a mist system, one has to decide whether to use mist fans, mist line or a combination of the two.

Our high pressure mist cooling fans evaporate 100% of the mist and circulates the air to provide maximum cooling. It is not uncommon to see temperature drops of 16-25 degrees! Mist cooling fans are the most effective way to cool an area!

If electrical outlets for the fan are not nearby or if you would prefer not to see a mist cooling fan than mist line or misting stakes are for you.

Mist line is usually installed along the outside perimeter of covered patios, awnings, gazebos etc. A high pressure mist cooling system evaporates the tiny water droplets in the air cooling the air without getting anything wet. This causes a curtain of cool air surrounding you.

No structure, no problem. High pressure mist cooling/fog effects stakes can be hidden in landscaped areas. When a perimeter oh high pressure mist is created around an area, no matter which way the wind blows, the cool air will move through the target area. When there is no wind the air will mix and still cool the target area.

Feel free to contact us with questions if you are designing a high pressure misting system.